Homme de foi, il voyage de lieux de passage en lieux de rencontres en Inde et en Occident.
Dévoué aux enseignements du Yogi Silencieux de Madras, il valorise la transmission reçue en expérimentant avec des joviaux chercheurs des pratiques décrites dans les textes du Hatha Yoga.
Les résultats d’un tel engagement collectif aboutissent à accréditer la valeur du yoga comme discipline salutaire et initiatrice.



Deeply prepared, the body reveals the asāna       Jeudi 09:00 – 12:00
The general preparation is disruptive to the schemes of the mind, but essential to merge the deep armor in the body.
The specific preparation serves to recognize the innumerable abilities of the body, if guided by a clear and perspicacious mind.
The breath, differentiated in different expressions, to make the static of the āsanas full of life and make us rejoice for the realization in progress.
If necessary … repeat with grace and perseverance.

– mudrā : not dissipate the energy today to get through wild paths tomorrow     Vendredi 16:15 – 18:00
The beings who discovered and codified the mudrās devoted their lives to the search of a conscience dedicated to harmony, an bulwark indispensable to the fruition of the wild forces within us. The coexistence of wise men within communities has created the external environment suitable for developing, at an unprecedented level, these powerful tools of transformation: the mudrās. To use them, a surplus of energy and an undoubted tenacity are necessary.

– kriyā: when the energetic aspect surpasses the mental one     Samedi  08:00 – 09:45
In yoga practice it occurs that everyone discovers magical moments for vastness of soul.
In such moments it is difficult to define what exactly happens, but the experience is much more satisfying than is the understanding.
Detonating such moments, where the energetic surpasses the mental, is the task of the kriyās.
Welcome to the alchemy room.

– Parampara : recevoir, transmettre… maintenir la magie vivante sans dogmatisme     Dimanche 14:00 – 15:45  
Dear Researchers of Truth!
May you achieve the greatest flowering of your INNER SELF. May the blessing of the ancient Sages and Masters protect and guide you in the most difficult moments of your INNER evolutionary journey.
Today we will talk about the fundamental aspects of prāṇāyāma These principles have been handed down through several generations, from master to student and from student to student. I will explain to you the esoteric principles that I inherited from my teachers. I hope that you will find the courage and unmovable will to pursue this journey with the blessing and protection of the Sages and Masters.
The silent Yogi of Madras