Everyday Mindfulness”     Vendredi + dimanche 08:00 – 09:45


Deepanjali transforms people’s lives and is a catalyst for deep wisdom. She helps you to awaken to your fullest potential by using her grandmother’s passed on ancient wisdom, her own life experiences, combined with her enthusiastic devotion to personal development. Her life mission is to heal your inner being and share with her passion of learning to be a Human Being. She inspires, motivates and moves your essence beyond expectation, so you can release yourself from self-limitation to live an authentic, joyful and easy life in a state of flow and access happiness in every moment. Can you believe there is no other human like you? You are unique! It is time to BE YOU.

Deepanjali has invested in continued learning to serve people by being a Mindfulness at Workplace Trainer, Mindfulness for Children (age 4-12) Method Eline Snel, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), The Passion Test Certified Facilitator, Energy Healer and Certified Emotional Mastery Practitioner, Science of Happiness Trainer and more.