Cosmin Iancu


Cosmin was born in a place and time when everything related to spirituality was
prohibited. Within this place he connected with the practice for the first time at an early
age through a book that was offered to him by an unconventional doctor, as means to
cure asthma.
Later on, his mother-in-law, Umadevi, an established yoga teacher and spiritual guide,
introduced him into the practice of powerful yogic techniques to help him find a way out
from all health problems as well as drug abuse and addiction, which haunted Cosmin for
years; as a result, he takes the decision to dedicate completely to the yogic practice,
dropping his career in architecture in favor of spiritual development.
He gets some insight into various yogic techniques and practices with world acclaimed
teachers and on the Dharma path he meets in Dharamsala a Hindu monk, Bhooma
Chaitanya, who introduced him to the traditional philosophy and practice of yoga.
Cosmin is forever grateful for having the opportunity to meet and train with Sri Manju
Pattabhi Jois, and after years of intense and dedicated practice, Cosmin
received his blessings to teach Ashtanga Yoga.
In 2016, he had the opportunity to work as a volunteer Yoga teacher in the Picassent
Prison Yoga Program helping inmates overcome prison life hardships through a steady
practice, an experience that helped him to grow as a teacher and as a student of life.
Besides his daily classes in Living Yoga Shala, Valencia, Cosmin also teaches around
the world in various events, dedicating his life to the Dharma and offering all his efforts
for the benefit of all beings.


Agni Vinyasa – the way of the Fire     Samedi 10:15 – 12:00

We will intend to discover and realize our true potential through the fire of a progressive flow of postures and a synchronized breath /movement cycle. I am inviting you to a journey that might open new perspectives on how to understand and become more aware of yourself through the practice, both physically and energetically, to use it consciously as a tool in order to enjoy a healthier and happier life.
We will enjoy together of a dynamic and vigorous practice, followed by a session of pranayama and meditation.

Shanti Vinyasa – cultivating the Peace within     Dimanche 16:15 – 18:00

By strengthening a “sattvic” state of mind, the rajasic tendencies -agitation – and the tamasic tendencies – lethargy- are slowly diminished to the point of complete elimination.
Starting with an intense flow of Asana practice, the restlessness tendency of one’s mind (Rajas) is diminished; by means of pranayama and meditation, one reduces tamas and strengthen sattva.
With a healthy and balanced body and a focused mind, one can enjoy a peaceful and happy life, living in harmony and love with the whole creation; only by living a life like this one can become a true LIGHT for oneself; and this is the true means of the Sadhana.